Improve your business with risk-based decisions

ZEUS GRC is a unique platform that is the most effective end-to-end risk management solution on the market.


Zeus will not only make the risk management process simple and understandable, due to the automation of information security tasks and built-in methods for analyzing and assessing threats, but it also automates compliance, audit, and other important processes of an organization.

Due to the centralized collection and updating of information about valuable assets, existing controls, key employees, vulnerabilities and other useful information, different departments of the organization can use the system for their needs.


Benefits from the implementation of Zeus

Profit increase

Reducing losses and increasing profits as a result of an organization's effective risk management system.


Ensuring competitive advantage by making quick and correct strategic decisions.


Time optimization of several departments’ employees due to process automation.

times Security improve

Automated processes




The main features of Zeus functionality

Automated accounting for all valuable assets

Automation of the compliance and audit process

Adaptable functionality for business impact analysis

Built-in database of standards, threat catalogs and risk assessment methodologies

Integration of information security processes

Ability to integrate with other information systems

Why Zeus is the best grc solution

Every leader wants the best for their business

Any type of business

Flexible platform functionality that allows you to customize its capabilities for any organization

Access always

Receipt of up-to-date reports by management online

Zeus is very comfortable for users


Thoughtful built-in functionality of the platform minimizes the need for manual data entry and configuration

User-friendly interface

Modern design with a convenient and clear user interface

Process improvement is the key to the success of a profitable business


Automation and integration of processes to build an effective risk management system

Risk assessment

Quantifying risks using best risk assessment techniques

Additional functionality

Report and dashboard configuration

The functionality for uploading reports allows you to generate reports according to existing templates, as well as configure individual report forms according to the specified parameters

Projects and tasks

The functionality allows you to manage tasks and subtasks in various modules. Tasks can be one-time, as well as regular and automatically generated

Users and roles

The built-in functionality of the platform for managing users and their roles, provides for both the establishment of accounts in manual mode and import from other systems

Assigning and delegation

Built-in functionality for assigning performers and delegating tasks. Automatic identification of performers and other interested parties is provided

Time tracking

The functionality of setting and tracking time and deadlines for tasks

Notification and escalation

The platform provides the ability to send notifications to e-mail and instant messengers, depending on the settings set for the task

Zeus modules

Zeus grc consists of several modules, which together form a unique tool to ensure the security of your business

Asset Management

The purpose of this module is managing all types of organization’s assets like hardware, software, people, business processes, information, buildings etc. Possibility to create, prioritize importance of assets in order to understand the value and criticality for business.

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Audit & Compliance

This module contains international standards like ISO, PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA, etc., and country standards, regulatory requirements, and internal policies of the organization, which automates processes of audit and compliance

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Risk Management

This module automates information technology and information security risk management processes based on international standards and methodic for risk assessment like NIST, OCTAVE, ISO 27005, etc. Here you can risk matrix and get all types of risk reports

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Incident Management

Information security incident management module based on best practices for building management processes incidents from initiation to control of remedial actions

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Business Continuity Management

This module includes business continuity planning functionality and disaster recovery measures functionality to eliminate the consequences in the event of unforeseen circumstances

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Operational Risk Management

This module automates operational risk management processes, including the ability to track risk indicators

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can leave a request on our website or send an email to the email address below

Of course. Zeus has a built-in automated risk analysis and assessment functionality based on international practices, which allows managing risks

Our technical support is in touch with our customers 24 hours. If you have any questions, you can send a request and you will be answered in a short time.

Yes. Zeus has built-in functionality by default, which you can change to suit your needs.

You can use both SaaS version and install it on your organization’s infrastructure.

Because Zeus was recently introduced to the market and already loved by many of our customers.

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